2021 3rd International Conference on Functional Materials and Applied Technologies
FMAT 2021

November 6-8, 2021 | Harbin, China

  Keynote Speakers

Prof. Lu Li 吕力教授
National University of Singapore 新加坡国立大学

Dr. Lu is Editor-in-Chief of Functional Materials Letter, Associate Editor of Materials Technology –Advanced Functional Materials and editorial board member of Scientific Reports. Dr. Lu Li is a full professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering of National University of Singapore. Dr. Lu received his Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering from the Tsinghua University, People's Republic of China in 1977 and 1982 respectively, and received his Ph.D from Katholiek Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, in 1989. He joined the National University of Singapore as a research scientist in 1991 and was promoted to a full Professor in 2004.
Dr. Lu's research interests include nanostructured materials, and functional thin films such as all-solid-state microbatteries and ferroelectric thin films. He has been invited to numerous conferences. He is one of the two authors of Mechanical Alloying, Kluwer Academic Publishers, USA, the first book of its kind in this area. Dr. Lu is also one of the three authors of the books of Laser-induced Materials Processes for Rapid Prototyping, and Image-based Fractal Description of Microstructures, Kluwer Academic Publishers, USA. He has published more than 380 papers in international journals. Dr. Lu has been involved in wide international collaborations in nanostructured materials, ferroelectric thin films and microbatteries with various universities.

Prof. Sung-Hoon Ahn (CIRP Fellow)
Seoul National University, South Korea

Sung-Hoon Ahn is a Full Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University (SNU), and is the director of the Innovative Design and Integrated Manufacturing Lab at the university. He received his undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan (1992) and his Masters' degree (1994) and PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University (1997). Since then, he has held professional and visiting positions at Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, Gyeongsang National University and University of Washington. He joined Seoul National University in 2003 and has served SNU Institute of Global Social Responsibility as a Director (2016-2017), University Industry Technology Force (UNITEF), Korea as the President (2016-2017), SNU Graduate School of Engineering Practice as the Associate Dean (2017-2018), and Tanzania-Korea Innovative Technology Energy Center (ITEC) as the Program Director (2017-present).
Dr. Ahn's research interests include soft robotics, smart/composite materials, micro/nano fabrications, 3D/4D printing, smart factory, green manufacturing, renewable energy, smart grid, and appropriate technology. He has published over 310 peer-reviewed journal articles at Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Materials Horizons, Soft Robotics, Scientific Reports, CIRP Annals etc. as well as over 700 conference talks and 150 invited presentations. Since 2011 his team as the Global Solar Volunteer Corps has constructed several off-grid solar/small-hydro/wind power plants in Nepal and Tanzania which Provide electricity and LED light for over 3,500 people in remote villages. For his research accomplishments, he has been honored with Highly Commended Award from Literati Club, UK (2003), Sinyang Engineering Award (2010), Gaheon Award (2011), Seoul National University Education Award (2012), LG Yonam International Visiting Fellowship (2012), and Certificate of Commendation from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning of Korean government (2015). Since 2013, as the editor-in-chief, he has founded and managed the International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing - Green Technology (IJPEM-GT, 2018 impact factor 4.560). Dr. Ahn is president of Academic Society for Appropriate Technology and Fellow of CIRP (The International Academy for Production Engineers).


  Plenary Speaker

Prof. Lihui Lang 郎利辉教授
Beihang University, China 北京航空航天大学

Prof. Lang Lihui, obtained his Ph.D degree from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1998. He is working now as full professor, scientific committee member of Stamping and Forging Technology, Plasticity Engineering. Mainly focuses on automotive, aircraft and aerospace fields, his team research covers Hydroforming including sheet hydroforming and tube hydroforming, Fiber Metal Laminates Composite, High Temperature/Pressure Forming of powder and Gradient Function/Structure Materials, Powder Technologies, Warm/hot Forming/Hydroforming of Lightweight Materials, High Efficiency Exchanger, KBE system. He has published more than 200 papers in journals, most of which were cited by SCI and EI. One technical book named as Innovative Hydroforming and Warm/Hot Hydroforming was published. Supported by NICHIDAI Die Manufaturing Company Youth Prize. Awarded by the Mechanical Engineering Society of UK for the “Thomas Stephen Prize”. Obtained more than 30 patents.


  Invited Speakers

Prof. Jiangfeng Ni 倪江锋教授
Soochow University, China 苏州大学

Dr. Ni received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Peking University. After three years' postdoc research in Japan and Singapore, he moved to Soochow University, China and now takes a position of Professor of Materials Physics and Head of Institute of Condensed Matter and Materials. At present Dr. Ni is leading a team working on various types of energy storage systems including rechargeable batteries, supercapacitors, and microbatteries in particular, with a focus on fundamental physics, chemistry, and materials in these devices. Dr. Ni has published 17 patents (8 issued and 9 filed), 2 book chapters, and 100+ peer reviewed papers in journals including Nature Communications, National Science Review, Advanced Materials, Matter, and ACS Nano. These papers have earned a total citation close to 5000 and H-index of 40. He serves as Editor of Materials Technology and Functional Materials Letters, and organizing chair and member for a series of functional materials conferences.


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